NuCuraçao Windparken – NuCapital redeveloped the existing wind farms located at Playa Kanoa and Tera Kórá (Curaçao) after purchasing the Caribbean’s premier operating wind farm, Delta Windparken located at Playa Kanoa, The installed capacity was 9 MW and repowering of the earlier park was been completed with the commissioning of  15MW of installed capacity utilizing Vestas 3.0 MW V-90 turbines. In addition, NuCapital was the successful bidder to also repower the Caribbean’s oldest operating wind farm located at Tera Kórá, similarly replacing the existing 3 MW plant with 5 Vestas 3.0 MW V-90 turbines. The two new wind farms were formally commissioned in  in July, 2012. The total of 30 MWs of installed capacity provides approximately 20% of the island’s demand and strengthens Aqualectra’s continued long-term commitment to clean energy with wind-sourced goals of 30% by the year 2020 and 40% of generation capacity by the year 2030.

playa kanoa

Playa Kanoa, 15 MW


TK vanaf weg naar Westpunt

Tera Kórá., 15 MW, as seen from the road, driving towards Westpunt.

The Tera Kora wind farm will shortly be expanded with another 5 wind turbines being the Vestas V117 3.3 MW, bringing the total installed capacity to 31.5 MW.  


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